Sue Wieger Golf Academy

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Sue Wieger Golf Academy

Award Winning LPGA Golf Professional and #1 International Best Selling Author, Sue Wieger is passionate about helping people play  better golf and have more fun on the golf course

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Sue Wieger Golf Academy

Sue Wieger, A Passionate Peak Performance Golf Professional who loves growing the game of golf through experiential golf instructional programs.

Ms. Sue Wieger coaches and trains all skill levels including PGA and LPGA players. Ms. Wieger has a track record for producing high level golfers as well as coaching amateurs to enjoy the game of golf.

Sue also travels the world empowering individuals, corporations and groups helping them create and build a peak performance mindset both in golf and life. 

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Sign Up for Drop 7 Strokes in 7 Weeks Putting Video Series

This mastery putting course will help you drop 5-10 strokes off your golf handicap in 7 weeks. Most golfers just do not know how to practice putting hence the reason why putting scores are so inconsistent. This course gives you many putting drills to

Make more Putts

Lower Your Scores

Control Your Distance

Give You More Confidence

If you practice these putting drills you will improve your putting GUARANTEED or your money back.

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